Photo Fusion with Enfuse

I visited Portland recently and took some pictures from Pittock Mansion.

Original image.

This was my best shot that evening. Not bad for a hazy late summer shot, but you can’t hardly see Mt. Hood.

Original image with Highlights, Shadows and Brightness turned all the way down. Saturation up slightly.

I could modify the picture so I could see the mountain, but then I couldn’t see the city.

Original image with shadows all the way down. Brightness and contrast up some.

I could make the city clearer, but the mountain was still faint. Then I gave enfuse a try. The first image below fuses the two modified images together. The bottom image is the original repeated for comparison.

Enfuse output of two modified images above.
Original image, repeated for comparison.

Photo manipulation is a never ending process. I could probably make the original picture above even more dramatic with other tools and techniques. It is nice to have one more tool in my toolbox.

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