Getting to Villingen


I do not easily fall asleep on planes, but starting the trip in a heavily sleep deprived state made this the easiest 11 hour flight I’ve ever been on.

After being reunited with my overweight carry-on bag, I spent 4EUR to get from the airport to the main station. It turns out the airport itself has decent long distance train connections to other cities, but out of habit I took the S8/S9 regional train into the larger main station. This is my fourth time landing in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

Germany is a cash heavy country. If a German retailer takes credit cards at all, they only take chip-enabled cards. Before making this trip, I visit my local bank and exchange dollars for euros. This is my first trip to Germany where I’ve had both euros and a chip-enabled credit card. The ticket machines at the train station had no problem with my card.

The train ride to Villingen-Schwenningen takes about three hours and has at least one transfer. There are two things about this train ride which leave an impression on me: artistic graffiti and scenic countryside.

Especially near Frankfurt, the walls and underpasses around the tracks are covered in very colorful and creative graffiti. I didn’t expect such a full embrace of American culture but you see it in the graffiti and the sports team clothing and in other places.

As you get further south, the scenery changes from urban to industrial to rolling green hills and small black forest towns.

Church south of Offenburg
Fountain in Villingen
Sunset in Villingen
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