In the midst of a stream of individuals, your bound to find something to make yourself smile.

3 Simple Things to Make You Smile in Tokyo

While most of us are busy and working long hours, having a fun and happy day seems to be few and far between. I myself, have kept myself amused in the mean time while I traverse through the city for work, shopping, and errands. I just wanted to share with you the top 3 things that make my day brighter and keep an everlong smile across my face.

Business Man Comb Overs

Hair like this flows majestically in the wind at any train station within Tokyo daily.

Nothing gets me going more than seeing the ever increasing amount of combovers within the sea of people at a crowded train station. Especially on a windy day, and when a train is swiftly breezing by creating a large gust of wind to see those horrible locks come to life and dance around for a free show just for my own particular amusement.

Just thinking about the what I just witnessed throughout the day keeps a smile on my face and a wonder of the insecurities some men face.

Their ridiculous method to conceal their apparent baldness with great lengths of thin strips of hair really gets keeps me going through the day.

Yeah man… Your bald…. Embrace it… There isn’t anything you should really be ashamed of… Your really not fooling anyone bud.

The Arakawa Running/Cycling Trail

Whenever I just feel like running…

If it weren’t for living near this outstanding area, I think I would have gone absolutely insane years ago. I love to stay in shape, and it actually helps me save money rather than going to a gym.

This area also motivates me to no end, because I literally run in one direction and the only way back is to turn around and run back home.

The longest run that I have made on this trail was 26 Kilometers. Simply by running in one direction and having to turn around and run back. That milestone made me really happy and put a giant smile of satisfaction right on my face.

Smiling as Much as Possible

Smiles are contagious! Spread smiles around when you can!

No matter where I am at, if someone makes eye contact with me or stares at my general direction, I smile. I also really make sure to just nod my head or bow slightly, giving a beaming smile towards their direction.

Not only does that make me feel better when I see them respond in kind, but it really shows them that your really the kind hearted person you know you are.

So really, it may not seem like much, but these are the three things that really make me feel pretty happy and content most of the time here in Tokyo. They all really do bring a genuine smile to my face.

What’s Yours?