What makes Hai stand out for hearing aid & implant users

Many are curious about the comparison between Hai and the other types of aid accessories for music listening. We have received lots of questions about Hai these few days. Here comes a cheat sheet, which shows our benefits!

Let’s elaborate more on the benefits on this sheet:

If you wear single-sided hearing aids/cochlear implant, Hai is your best choice.

For the hearing side, you can attach one earbud to the Hai neckcoil and listen with it. For your other side with a hearing aid or cochlear implant processor, just use the Hai neckcoil with the T-mode of your aid or processor. The Hai neckcoil on your shoulder could transmit the audio to it.

If you wear bilateral aids or cochlear implants, no matter what model they are, Hai is compatible with all aids with T-mode (telecoil mode).

Hai works even if you use one side of hearing aid and the other side of cochlear implant. We know that it’s troublesome if the two HA/CI brands are not in the business alliance, and therefore, you are not able to transmit the music across them and enjoy the stereo. Now Hai solves it. All you need is to turn on the T-mode.

From your Bluetooth audio source (e.g., television, laptop, smartphone), the music streams into Hai. Then, Hai transmits it into your HA/CI.

We know that the buzz occurring occasionally in T-mode is disturbing. For even further improved listening experience, we developed the first technology to cancel any bothering interference from nearby electrical infrastructure. We call it DBC (Dynamic Buzz Cancellation). It lets you enjoy music free from buzzing in difficult environments — such as in a plane or near power systems.

You can change your preferred equalizer settings and save them to suit all situations. Hai can also be used by those who are not using HA/CI! Sometimes you may want to take a rest from using your aid(s). In this case, you can just plug in two earbuds and modify the equalizer to fit your audiogram with our app. The app also gives guidance to change the stereo balance of your phone to fit your hearing condition.

Most of the connectivities of built-in Bluetooth of HA/CI are iOS-only. However, Hai is compatible with all Bluetooth audio source, so you don’t have to stick with iOS! You can freely connect it to your TV, laptop, audio player, mobile phone, and so on.

A series of stickers is coming soon along with our crowdfunding launch. You can pimp your Hai with different colored surfaces and stickers! Let your creativity run free and let your Hai show your style.

We design for the diverse need of HA/CI users. As the hearing conditions and the assistive devices (hearing aids/implants) vary, the benefits that Hai can bring to the users do vary as well.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Hai in comparison to the other streamers and options available. Please check this helper we made for you.

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