CNN Republican Town Hall Round 2

Your summary of the Trump, Kasich, Bush portion of the town hall told by the politics nerds at Purple

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

The Obama administration estimates rates will rise 7.5% compared with 2% in 2015. Insurance markets are complicated. But the story of Obamacare’s 2016 premium increase is actually pretty simple: Many health plans, even those with decades of experience selling insurance, underestimated how sick health law enrollees would be. Here is a longer read on that.

In the U.S. federally licensed gun dealers are required to run backgrounds checks to anyone they sell to, but the system has many loopholes. If you buy a gun from your neighbor, there is no background check required. Gun dealers without federal licenses can sell at gun shows without conducting background checks. You can also buy a gun on the internet with no background check.

Source: Arcview Market Research

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