This week has finally come. The last 5 days of the program.

What do I want to manifest?
That’s a big question. I want to manifest all of the good that one could ever imagine in the world. I want to live a relentless life, filled with God, love and family. I want to build out dreams larger than I could ever comprehend. I want manifest a legacy that lives throughout times after me. I want to change lives. I want to inspire people to do and be better. To fill themselves with God, and his intentions for their lives. I want to Scout become a true force in the world and I want to lift weights every single day.

What would you do in your life if you could not fail? Would you change something? Try something new?
Some of these things I am still going to do, but maybe it would be easier if I wasn’t fearful. I would open SCOUT tomorrow, with a store front that has a studio space up above it. I would be a lifter in my spare time that competed across the country. I would sing in public and be a voice actress.

What are the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from doing the above? Do you think that you would fail? Succeed? Would people be resentful?
Limiting beliefs eh? I think my personal theme of limiting beliefs run something like this. “Not good enough” “Not smart enough” “Not pretty enough” “Good things are only for a select few” I also don’t think I will fail at anything I put my energy towards. I’m complicated in that way. How can I be riddled with so much doubt and so much faith at the same time.

What is your overall life vision?
In detail? It’s one of fueled by this amazing passion to change the world and find happiness. I want to always challenge myself, Marry a beautiful man who loves God and raise a beautiful big family. Lift weights, see Scout be a success and somehow inspire people to change their lives, in short. Maybe one day I will go into full detail.

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