Month Away from Energy Efficiency Day

Energy Efficiency Day will take place on October 5th, 2017.

#EEDay2017, this hashtag is the first and most powerful thing you’ll need to know going into Energy Efficiency Day on October 5th, 2017! Join other like-minded individuals, government agencies, companies, utilities, cities, and other organizations using the hashtag to participate in the social media campaign for #energyefficiency. The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) has laid out a five key goals for this year’s campaign:

  1. Show the positive impact of energy efficiency.
  2. Showcase concrete, effective ways , across a range of energy users , to save energy and money;
  3. Spotlight people and technologies involved in energy efficiency (jobs, customers, service providers, manufacturers, etc.).
  4. Attract participants to Light Bulb Challenge and Office Lighting Challenge
  5. Encourage mayors/governors to officially proclaim October 5 Energy Efficiency Day

Rebate Bus has been on the #energyefficiency campaign trail for nearly a year now. We understand that the goal of energy efficiency can be achieved not just from how we provide energy, but from how we use it. Therefore, if energy efficiency is meant to Save Energy. Save Money. then energy users taking the initiative to invest in their own energy efficient products should also be able to Earn Money.

With over 10,000 rebates from 2,500 utilities nationwide, Rebate Bus is a trusted resource for those looking to earn back money on energy efficient upgrades. Sign up today and reach out to in regards to earning back money on the commitments you’ve made to pursue the goal of energy efficiency!

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