I THINK that I understand where you’re going with this sentence but I would love if you could draw…
Christopher Moye

Thanks for your affirmative reply. I’m glad that my thoughts have resonated with you. I had some quite different comments as well ;)

Well, the ‘dissociation of work from wages’ is an argument that I’ve borrowed from Paul Mason’s recent book ‘Postcapitalism’

It is a big historical argument holding that information technology ‘is a machine for grinding the price of things lower and slashing the work time needed to support life on the planet.’ IT will ultimately drive marginal costs down to zero in more and more industries and dramatically reduce the need for human labor in production. That is to say that we are entering a new age, comparable with the leap from feudalism to capitalism, an age of abundance instead of scarcity and peer-to-peer collaboration instead of markets. In Mason’s words: ‘It is the rise of non-market production, of unownable information, of peer networks and unmanaged enterprises.’

I think that more and more people will start to work like the open source software movement is already now — contributing to collaborative projects without immediate reward in form of wages.

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