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I have read a lot of bad Instagram poetry.

And when I was posting poems to that platform, I held myself to the standard of the quality I found on there. When I decided to leave, my poetry got a little better. I started immersing myself in a different platform, and then my poetry took a hit yet again because I was holding myself to the (albeit higher) standard of this new platform.

It wasn’t until I removed myself from the daily checking of my online performance or the feeling that I just had to “win” at poetry that I was able to get back in touch with the poet inside. …

What leaving behind identity politics will actually mean.

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What the campaign wants from you

Founded in 2018, by Brandon Straka, the #WalkAway campaign urges Americans to “leave identity politics behind”, instead opting to “walk towards unity, civility, respect.”

The problem is, Straka doesn’t just want you to leave the radical left. He’s not just asking you to walk away. He’s asking you to walk toward Trump’s America. It’s not about shedding your biases and having the freedom to be a free thinker. It can’t be, not when the politics are still the dogmatic condemnation of voices hoping to make real change in this country.

This is a common tactic used by Trump supporters with a platform. They want you to leave the “democratic plantation” and to“break the chains”. Putting the strategic rhetoric aside, the issue remains that you’re being asked to support leaders who preserve the status quo of sexist and racist policies in this country. If you can find it in yourself to do that, then you have finally “awakened to the truth.” …

During the last two months, I tried to remember my reason for writing

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What if I don’t have the answers?

During my first year of writing online, I believed that if I wanted to be a good writer, I needed to provide answers. I did this even though I knew that many of the topics I would be writing about were complicated. Maybe the framework of a discussion would be more suitable for those essays.

The idea made me nervous. Do people read articles that don’t give them solid answers?

Even when it came to essays about my personal life, I thought that I should only stick to the big conclusions I had made about myself. …


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