11 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for Android & iOS in 2018

Are you looking for the automation tool that checks the functionality, usability, consistency, and security of your mobile app? Then you are at right place. We have gathered 11 most useful mobile app testing tools that reduce the time and efforts.

1. Calabash (Android and iOS)

Calabash is an open source (free) tool that enables test code to interact programmatically with native as well as hybrid apps. Calabash helps automate and test your application on over 1,000+ devices in the cloud.

Tool Features:

  • Calabash is a mechanized acceptance testing system. It is supported by Xamarin and Calabash can be contrasted with Selenium Web Driver.
  • It is utilized to perform Automated Functional Testing for mobile local applications.
  • It comprises two open-source libraries, for example, one for Android and another for iOS for testing local and hybrid applications.
  • It may give the APIs to specific for touch screening encounters.
  • It functions admirably with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex and numerous other programming dialects.
  • It gives APIs that are particular to local applications running on touchscreen gadgets.
  • It comprises of libraries that permit test-code to automatically collaborate with local and half and half applications.

It underpins framework cucumber, which makes it less demanding to comprehend by business specialists and non-specialized QA staff.

2. TestComplete Mobile — SmartBear (Android and iOS)

With TestComplete, you can make and run repeatable and hearty UI tests crosswise over local or crossover mobile applications. TestComplete accompanies bolster for Android and iOS gadgets.

Tool Features:

  • It is a mechanized functional testing tool planned by SmartBear.
  • The apparatus is utilized to test Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • TestComplete is business versatile testing device.
  • Automate your UI tests on genuine cell phones, virtual machines, or emulators.
  • Use content free record and replay activities to make mechanized test contents or browse programming dialects, for example, Python, VBScript, JScript, or JavaScript.

3. WebLOAD — Mobile Performance Testing

Tool Features:

  • Stress testing is one of only a handful of important approaches to know what number of mobile users a site can deal with. WebLOAD empowers you to stack test any situation so you know precisely what your Android and iOS clients encounter. Either re-enactments can be run or genuine cell phones can be utilized along these lines reproducing a genuine mobile user encounter.WebLOAD permits to record contents straightforwardly from a cell phone, utilizing a mobile test system, with JavaScript or instinctively with WebLOAD’s worked in IDE. WebLOAD incorporates an ongoing web dashboard which empowers following the heap trial of cell phones on any gadget.WebLOAD is accessible in a 50 virtual clients, 100% useful Free Edition.

4. SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform (Android and iOS)

The SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform by Experitest has the feature of constantly testing mobile applications to ensure that discharge cycles and increment quality are quick and effective.

Another quality is that it continuously tests a wide range of mobile applications (local, web or hybrid) over a substantial choice of programs and genuine iOS and Android gadgets, and under genuine end-client conditions. It also completely coordinates with industry open source apparatuses, for example, Appium, Selenium etc.

Tool Features:

  • Develop — powerful Appium tests rapidly and effortlessly utilizing visual test advancement devices, for example, a device reflection, Object Spy, and a test recorder.Execute — your tests in parallel on various genuine iOS and Android mobile app development company gadgets to give fast input and accelerate discharge cycles.Analyse — your test comes about effortlessly utilizing visual reports that incorporate screen captures, recordings and log documents. Use test examination dashboards to comprehend your quality status.Test manually — Interact with your application progressively on genuine cell phones.Debug — Debug your mobile applications straightforwardly from your development condition, e.g., Android Studio, XCode and Chrome DevTools.

5. Testdroid (Android and iOS)

Testdroid is a cloud-based compact application testing instrument that urges engineers to save costs behind application improvement, quicken time to publicize the item and decrease operational and whimsical costs.

It is the speediest method to test your application against different genuine Android and iOS gadgets with various hardware stages, screen resolutions and OS forms.

Tool Features:

The value changes from $499-$4999/month according to prerequisite. It is one of the strong portable mobile testing stages for Android and iOS gaming. It enables remote manual access to more than 300 genuine gadgets running Android before an application is propelled.

  • Testdroid is an arrangement of versatile programming improvement and testing items by Bitbar Technologies http://Limited.It helps in the Agile development and testing of mobile applications.Testdroid has a feature that gives API through open-source programming which is accessible on GitHub.Helps to test Android and iOS applications on genuine gadgets with mechanization and manual testing

Benefits of Testdroid

  • It spares in Application development costs.Minimizes the dangers of genuine gadgets and agile testing.Reduce operational and flight expenses.Improve application rating and every day dynamic clients.

6. Kobiton (iOS and Android device cloud)

Kobiton gives clients full control of genuine cell phones amid manual testing with help for multi-touch signals, introduction and GPS re-enactments, camera and speaker control and gadget association administration.

Are You looking for tester or want to create a mobile app?

With consequently produced action logs, Kobiton catches every one of the activities performed amid a testing session so issues can be recognized and settled all the more rapidly. Clients can buy prepaid testing minutes that never lapse for just $10.

Tool Features:

  • Kobiton is a cell phone cloud platform.Access is provided by Kobiton to genuine gadgets for running manual and robotized tests on local, web and hybrid Android/iOS applications.Built over the Appium open-source system.Continuously including most recent equipment and OS updates to the gadget lab.Test crosswise over gadgets without content alterations.Automatically created movement logs, charges, screen captures and metadata take into account speedier distinguishing proof of issues.Prepaid minutes of testing time that never terminate.


  • The most recent genuine, cloud-based gadgets and app designs.Centralized testing history and information logs for expanded coordinated effort.Internal Device Lab Management to all the more successfully uses interior gadgets.Simplified client experience to streamline test sessions.Easy to attempt with Free Trial — no credit card required.

7. Appium Studio

Appium Studio is a free apparatus that improves Appium testing notwithstanding; it also assists associations in rapidly discharging quality applications. Appium Studio community edition has the following benefits:

Tool Features:

  • Appium testing must begin in minutes.Test iOS applications on Windows machines (and also on MAC).Easily compose or record tests utilizing a gadget reflection, Object Spy and extraordinary XPath.Cover more utilize cases on any gadget and with any application write (local, web, half and half).Test outside your application by counting standardized identification and check filtering, sound highlights, GPS re-enactment, TouchID, framework applications.Receive nitty gritty well-ordered reports finish with screen captures and recordings.Run your current Appium tests with no alteration.Enjoy ensured OS form bolster — Appium Studio underpins iOS 11 beta.Test on privately associated cell phones or on gadgets facilitated at Experitest SaaS Digital Assurance Lab.

Appium Studio tends to give in to huge numbers of Appium’s restrictions. It enables clients to begin testing inside minutes, decreases operational expenses, and enhances scope out-of-application testing. Finally, Appium Studio bolsters parallel execution and accompanies ensured OS variant help.

8. Appium (Android and iOS)

Appium is open source and it is meant to be a cross-platform test robotization instrument for the hybrid and local iOS. It underpins Android renditions from 2.3 onwards. Appium works like a server running out of sight like selenium server.

It bolsters numerous programming dialects, for example, Java, Ruby, C# and other which are in the WebDriver library.

Android is computerized by Appium utilizing the Automator library. On cell phones, it can control Safari and Chrome. It can be synchronized with testing system TestNG. For this situation, UIAutomator can create useful and point by point reports. These reports are similar to the ones created by Ranorex.

Tool Features:

  • It is useful for applications those are composed in Android or iOS SDK.Appium can handle Safari on iOS and all other similar browsers on Domenet er parkert need to adjust any application code for testing as it is fit enough to continue running on Android or iOS using the device or emulator.This device is utilized for Automated Functional Testing of Android and iOS versatile applications.


  • Due to the utilization of standard robotization APIs on all stages, you don’t need to change or recompile your application in any capacity.You can utilize any webdriver that goes with the any of these programming languages (Java, Objective-C, JavaScript) to compose experiment.You can utilize any testing system.Easy to setup on an alternate stage.Supports different dialects like Ruby, Java, PHP, Node, Linguaggio di programmazione Python does not expect anything to be introduced on the gadget.You don’t need to re-assemble mobile applications on an alternate stage.With the assistance of Java, it can be coordinated with different apparatuses.

9. MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS):

MonkeyTalk computerizes useful intelligent tests for Android and iOS applications.

Tool Features:

  • It is an open-source instrument comprises three segments, for example, IDE, Scripts, and operators.IDE makes test contents utilizing record and playback, Agent is tested instrumentation library joins with the application and Scripts incorporate catchphrases, sentence structure, and Java execution motors.Everything from information-driven test suites to straightforward “Smoke Tests”, Moneytalk computerizes genuine, utilitarian intuitive tests for iOS and Android applications.Scripts are basic and justifiable.MonkeyTalk IDE can be for recording or for playing back the test contents.it does not require any solid programming or scripting learning. It underpins fastened, organizes gadgets and emulators.For both Android and iPhone, the same content can be utilized.Both XML and HTML reports can be created with this device, it likewise catches screen capture when error or failure happens.For consistent incorporation Monkey Talk bolsters Jenkins and Hudson. It additionally underpins JUnit detailing.

10. Robotium (Android):

It is tool for free Android UI testing which is anything but difficult to compose capable programmed black box test cases for Android applications. Along these lines, there is no requirement for additional data about the Android application’s structure or executed classes.

All they require is the name of the fundamental class and the way that connects to it. It underpins Android 1.6 adaptation or more. Java is the preferred language in which Robotium tests are composed. Actually, Robotium can be considered as a library for unit tests.

Using Robotium is an exhaustive process as it takes quite a bit of time to get the tests ready because of the usage of program source code. The tool is less appropriate for collaboration with framework programming; it can’t bolt and open a cell phone or a tablet. This tool does not provide screen captures or play and record functions either.

Tool Features:

  • Robotium is an Open-Source http://library.It is outlined particularly for Android UI testing.it is an Android test computerization structure that offers help for local and hybrid applications.With the test contents, it additionally permits to compose function, framework and user acceptance test situations.

Benefits of Robotium

  • It is conceivable to run test cases on applications that are pre-introduced.With least information of task, effective experimental test cases can be http://made.It can get code scope for Robotium TESTS.IT dominio disponibile in vendita o in affitto handles numerous Android exercises http://consequently.It needs insignificant time to make strong experimental test cases.Synchronize effortlessly with Ant or Maven to run tests as a major aspect of continuous integration.

11. Selendroid (Selenium for Android):

Selendroid is a test computerization structure. It is meant for the UI of Android local and hybrid applications. Utilizing the Selenium 2, customer API tests are composed.

Tool Features:

  • It is also open-source and it is compatible with various devices and http://emulators.It is driven off UI of local and in addition hybrid applications and furthermore, mobile web. Thus, the test ought to be composed through Selenium 2 customer API.Test code is based on and affected by Selenium 2 and WebDriver API.


  • It is completely agreeable with JSON wire http://convention.No adjustment of application under test is expected to automate http://it.By diverse locator variations, UI components can be http://found.It can associate with numerous Android gadgets simultaneously.Selendroid bolsters hot stopping of hardware equipment gadgets.

Selendroid accompanies a helpful apparatus known as Selenium Inspector. It enables to investigate the present condition of an application’s UI.