Erasmus is not about a year in your life but a whole life in one year!’

Don’t be fooled. Everybody tells you the best part of attending college is to study abroad, but if you ever get the least chance, don’t hesitate! Kent University (located in the lovely Canterbury) is the place you’ve always dreamed of to completely dive into Uni life.

1. The cheapest, nicest and cosy accommodation: go live in Parkwood. Only 15 minutes away from the campus by walking, it’s a complex of 5 or 6 person houses, surrounded by beautiful greenery. Provided with the Study Hub, Woodies, laundry and the Essentials, it will make you feel like living in a young neighbourhood. Sometimes sharing a shower, a fridge (‘1 shelf each, please’) and a tiny kitchen with 5 people. But, well, sharing is caring!

2. ‘Houseparty at my place- who’s in?’ The trending-topic that will appear in your Facebook group four times a week minimum. And the fact Parkwood is most famous for. Once you enter the Erasmus life in this University, that sentence, which in your home country was considered taboo, will become a part of your daily routine. Just grab some drinks and head to the house: they are much more worth it and cheaper than a night out!

Best example of a Houseparty

3. Karaoke night at Origins. Are you kidding? Not at all. It’s a bar that turns into a karaoke inside Darwin College EVERY Saturday!

4. ‘Movie night at my room: bring your own pillow!’ Don’t worry, because when it’s not about parties, it’s about movies. The thing is to ALWAYS gather around! No matter how many friends there are, you always manage to fit either in the bed or on the floor. So many tears and laughs shared…

5. Woodys is always a good idea. The cosy bar at Parkwood will save you from the nights with no plans arranged. Great to have chats, billiards, play some contests or watch sports games with friends. But mind you: do not dare leave the place without having tasted the so-popular drink ‘Snakebite’! (beer and cider).

6. Discos inside colleges? Yes, it does exist in Kent. The dull, scary buildings which every student tries to avoid going, can become the places where some of the best nights of your Uni life will take place. And free entrance! Don’t ever miss the Massive Mungo’s at Elliot College or Ruby Tuesdays at Darwin’s!

7. It’s the meeting point of the international students. Especially Parkwood. Being the UK’s European University, you won’t meet more Italian, French, German, Belgium, Japanese or American people than you will ever do. It opens you the door to broadening your view of the world and to realize that you are not so different. Also, it will provide you free accommodation in each country you visit!

8. Too much free time compared to your home university? That’s a normal thing here! At first you will be shocked that you do not have to work as hard as you do in your country, but in the end you will be thankful that this schedule allows you to fully enjoy the student experience abroad! There will be enough time for parties, travelling, chilling and study.

9. The feeling of unity brought up by the same aim: being proud of the University! Even if you are here for just your exchange year you will get the feeling. It is amazing how the members of the societies get involved in everything they do to support this institution.

10. The great interest shown by the staff when setting events for the exchange students. These little things that will help make your staying unforgettable! You will feel a bit ‘cooler’ than the British students when you check your email and learn that there are exclusive events just for you: ‘International Students’ Dinner’, ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’, ‘New Year’s Dinner’ and many more!

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