The first and most important step to starting that blog you’ve been postponing…

1. Don’t read articles that contain the words “how-to” and “blog” in the title

Shocking right? I may speak from personal experience but I genuinely believe reading a bunch of self help articles over and over will only hinder our creativity. Why should we limit ourselves by following a set of tips or rules or techniques? Reading those tips and tricks takes away some of the fun that should be associated with writing. When did we begin to take ourselves so seriously? What’s wrong with just putting our daily ramblings out there in no particular order or reason? Perhaps I feel this way because I, like many others searched for that perfect formula for guaranteed blogging success and came up short.


You may be wondering: what’s next? How do I really begin? Luckily, the only conclusion I came up with is free, available on demand, and as long-lasting as you decide. Ready?


The reality of the situation is there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee active readers or whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve, so why not have fun and truly express ourselves? And even if you aren’t the greatest writer or even a writer (me), you’ll certainly create a positive learning environment that will set you on your way to becoming just that. All we have to do is flip that invisible switch inside our minds called confidence ON and let the words come running out. What are you waiting for?