Three ideas for assessing student work in your learning design

It is worth mentioning that the proposal contained in this learning design in digital media arises to promote effective communication between students, supporting the expression of feedback to one or more partners assertively and non-aggressively, thus creating an ideal collaborative environment for learning online. It is worth mentioning that students will also be able to evaluate their performance.The tools I am planning to use in this learning experience are LMS Canvas and Voicethread.

Some of the ideas for evaluating the activity are:

  1. Ask the students to generate a portfolio that includes:
  • An action plan, developed by the student with the teacher support based on the feedback from their peers.
  • Evidence of the execution of the plan and a reflection mentioning why the evidence was included, in this way, the students can self — correct his/her learning process.

2. Students could perform a Voicethread after delivering a collaborative activity and reflect on their performance, with other peers, and as a team.

3. Generate two assessments to evaluate their knowledge and application of communication techniques and methodologies, also emotional intelligence. The assessments could be performed at the beginning and the end. The results could be compared to evaluate the comprehension level of the student learning.

Or maybe I have two more ideas….

4. Document the number of risk situations (conflicts between team members) during the period of implementation of this activity and compare it with an earlier time, where the methodology has not been applied.

5. Generate weekly reports through Voicethread and the analytics they offer to know how many students are using the application to provide feedback to their peers.

I’m sure there are other ways to evaluate, which ones do you recommend? :)

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