28 Disabled Leaders You Should Be Following on Twitter

We know this list is FAR from inclusive, so who are we missing? Feel free to tag them in the comments.

  1. @SinsInvalid the originators of the framework of Disability Justice
  2. @VilissaThompson — founder of @RampYourVoice and creator of the Black Disability Syllabus
  3. @Sblahov Disability vote organizer for @NCILAdvocacy and leader in #chronichealth spaces
  4. @behearddc — the AMAZING organization that advocates for Deaf and Disabled folx behind bars.
  5. #CriptheVote and its founders @SFdirewolf @AndrewPulrang and @GreggBeratan — they engage in dialogues on subjects so tough that that put the salons of the Renaissance to shame
  6. @Keah_Maria — an amazing journalist writer with a book coming out soon, and creator #DisabledandCute
  7. @DawnMGibson — an incredible leader in the chronic health space, founder of the weekly twitter chat #spooniechat
  8. @autselfadvocacy — an organization by and for Autistic leaders, lead by @JustStimming and founded by @aneeman
  9. @DiorVargas — a phenomenal leader (and author) focusing on mental health and communities of color
  10. @DisabledLatinx — a growing organization of Latinxes with Disabilities.
  11. @CWW — Center for Wellness of Urban Women, based in Indianapolis empowers women and their families living in urban communities to take action in their health and well-being through education,advocacy, prevention, and care.
  12. @Keri_Gray — a leader in business and advocacy who grows leaders through her work with @DisabilityIn
  13. @yovimi — a phenomenal leader working on both #LGBTQIA and #disability policy, and who saved the world from a horrific #mentalhealth
  14. Former White House Disability Advisors and champions of all things good in life @maria_m_town @ClaudiaLGordon @TaryninDC #mentalhealth
  15. @judithheumann — the Grand Dame of #disability community, one of the focuses of that amazing @drunkhistory on #Section 504 which led to so many of us being able to not just get in the school building, but get an education.
  16. @MerEaton — The Boss Lady on @MacGyverCBS , brilliant woman & amazing actress
  17. The Fashionistas: @jilly_peppa, @thesineadburke, and @nyledimarco
  18. @seemiaroll : immigration and disability rights activist, womens march organizer, and owner of the most photogenic service animal ever.
  19. @Tuesdaywithliz — host of “Tuesdays with Liz” where she meets with all the movers and shakers in the #disability policy world
  20. @chrisalexander_ — #Mentalhealth and #chronichealth advocate , connosieur of banana pudding and macaroni and cheese :)
  21. @mattbc — lawyer, #chronichealth advocate, timelord? I learn daily from his tweets and his stories about #healthcare remind me why we fight.
  22. @phineasfrogg — #Autistic advocate, community educator, technology enthusiast & creative design/layout guru!
  23. @imani_barbarin — a self described “A macaroon of black girl magic, disabled pride & feminism”
  24. @HTCSolidarity — a collective of Black Deaf and Disabled organizers fighting for radical inclusion and collective liberation
  25. @LeadOnUpdate and its main contributors @Angry_Negro and @DayAlMohamed for it’s on the spot reporting of all things DC (Disability Community)
  26. @nealcarter co-host of @wheeldealpod , lover of soccer, and brilliant political strategist!
  27. @NationalADAPT and its crew of folx including @adaptanita @ADAPTerBruce @istepfunny who are fighting for the right of disabled folx to live and thrive in their communities
  28. @runreymarun — phenomenal Director of a Center for Independent Living in Iowa and former candidate for state office
  29. @RootedInRights who are continually coming out with impressive resources, tools, and media reflecting the experiences of the disability community. The amazing Editor-In-Chief is @Emily Ladau