The Social Side of SCM

This post talks about integrating the communication and collaboration side of social media to Supply Chain Management.

Stretching out my imagination, what about one our warehouse co-workers posts the documents online and everyone down the chain comments below to reflect the items’ motion? That would be a pretty cool alternative to a giant email chain with 10 cc in it. What about simply @ someone when you need them underneath a certain post? What about utilizing LinkedIn’s mapping to show the Supply Chain process involving real people?

“At its most basic level, you can think of “social networking” as another set of communication and collaboration tools in your toolbox. These tools include discussion forums (think LinkedIn groups), document sharing (think Dropbox), video conferencing (think Skype), texting and micro-blogging (think Twitter), video and photo sharing (think YouTube and Instagram), and blogs and wikis (think Wikipedia).”

With most of our on-hand business software/tools, the biggest obstacle is the system itself is so limited to what it’s designed for — they’re just not as open as Facebook, to interact in personal lives, or LinkedIn for professional network, or Youtube to share videos online. None of the business systems is simply self-explanatory in 5 words, so people using it always takes forever to learn the insider tricks, and have to follow the process strictly step by step.

And I agree to “The Way Forward”, “don’t wait for a perfect solution”. Most of the outstanding innovations happened is for the sake of adventures and innovations, not for the sake of “finding a perfect solution to an existing problem”.