Trending in Flooring: Sustainability

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Courtesy of US Floors

Green products, organic, non-toxic, sustainability, and recycled. These terms are not only trending, but this movement is growing and here to stay.

Our world is changing at lightning speed and one of the things we all seem to recognize is that: “We’ve Been Doing It Wrong” . All of the sudden we are striving to improve in all aspects of environmental awareness. Taking care of our planet and our environment is at the forefront and it starts with making the right choices. In our business, we sell paint and flooring with our clients curious as to where and how products are being manufactured. Consumers want assurances that there are no toxic ingredients in their pre-finished hardwoods. They want to know our paints contain zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and have zero emissions.

Along with where the products are manufactured, consumers want to feel that they are doing their part with recycling and using recycled products . Who hasn’t felt that pang of guilt buying a bottle of water? Especially when you’ve seen a documentary that teaches us our landfills and oceans are full of them.

Installing engineered flooring with cork on the back is a water-resistant solution to withstand the basement flooding. It’s also practical and green-friendly. Buying products that are made with recycled content is one way to not continually deplete our natural resources. Shaw along with other mills are making a conscious effort to recycle tons of carpet to be used again for pad or new carpet.

The United States is behind a lot of other countries in our recycling efforts. We all need to get better and it takes making that extra bit of effort to select the right product. Do your research find out if the manufacturing processes are depleting resources and that the company is focusing on ways to be more energy and water-efficient, and by using less chemicals including formaldehyde.

Originally published at Gregorys Paint Flooring Color Atlanta.