Mom! Don’t be the Cersei in My Life!

You might be unclear about the title, but yes, it’s absolutely correct if you’re guessing I’m talking about the queen of the Game of Thrones series or you may say the extremely caring mother of Joffrey (well, I too confused what the surname is — Baratheon or Lannister?). Okay, whatever it may be! But do you really think she is a caring or overprotective mom? Caring? Overprotected? Think about it a bit!

Cool, I’m not dragging you to the episodes of the series! But do you, do you ever think that your mom is also like the queen Cersei Lannister? Can’t judge? No worry! I’m making it little simple for you.

Ever felt that you’re getting so much of unconditional love or coddling from your mom that you’ve settled to be grown like a rotten tomato? Completely spoiled?

If so, then whose fault is this? Is this the result of your mom’s overprotectiveness nature?

Of course, it is! So whether you’re a son or daughter or you are the mom or dad reading this — see here how overprotectiveness can ruin children significantly.

Mother & Son Doing Homework Together

#1 Lowering Confidence Level

i. Listen, if you’re helping your child in completing his homework or accomplishing other things, then it’s clear that he is losing self-confidence on the other side.

ii. Unfortunately, you’ll not realize this thing at that time, but later after some years you’ll realize for sure!

iii. So let him taste the sour taste of failure which every person tastes in their life. So that he will try by his own again and again to achieve success.

iv. When problem arises, don’t stand in in front of him. It’s good to Guide them but don’t solve his problem.

#2 Limiting Happiness

i. Yes, overprotective parents limit the happiness of their children. Want to know how?

ii. See, if your parent consistently getting involved in all your activities, then you’ll always have the feeling of hatred for your parents — may it be the love affair with your girlfriend or fighting with your soccer team members. You always want the privacy. Isn’t it?

iii. But on the other side, this is the real love of a mom or dad for their children and they always want to protect them — which the child doesn’t understand!

iv. Moreover, overprotectiveness leads the teenagers to do many wrong-doings and unethical works.

Mother & Daughter Working Out

#3 Risk of Childhood Obesity

i. From a recent study, it has been found that the child obesity occurs due to the sheer love or you may say due to the overprotectiveness of their mothers.

ii. Research says children between 10–12 years of age are more prone to have higher mass index if their moms are overprotective.

iii. The main reason why this happens is the lack of physical activity — overprotective moms don’t let their children to play outside with their friends and even drive them to their school.

iv. This helicopter parenting nature of moms is to keep their children safe and unharmed always, but that proves otherwise in real!

#4 Reducing Risk-Taking Ability

i. How would you define the word “Risk-Taking”? Yes, one thing comes to our mind — dangerous or dreadful situation ahead! Isn’t it?

ii. And most of us take our leap back after hearing this — may it be in the business or any crucial situation in our life.

iii. But the person who gets successful in his life in the long run is that risk-taking person. Yes, it’s true and you know that well!

iv. So think, as we ourselves don’t want to take risk — how come a mother who doesn’t even want or tolerate a single drop of pain in their child’s life will ask to take that risk?

#5 Inhibits Leaning Process

i. If you help again and again your child whenever he stuck into some problem — then know that you’re inhibiting his learning process.

ii. Overprotective parents often don’t allow their children to try on their own to find out solution to any situation. Before they try to do, many solutions showered upon them.

iii. As a result, this restricts the child’s mind from growing and thinking out-of-box. Also they always will be dependent on you in their entire life.

iv. But remember, you may not be with your child till his last breathe. And think what’ll they do then and how this selfish world will treat them?

So, How NOT to be a Overprotective Parent?

i. Don’t solve their problem — better let them fall and get wounded. So that they can learn this time and will succeed in the next.

ii. Don’t try to often spend your time besides your child.

iii. And don’t contact them frequently when they are away from you.

iv. Encourage them to take risks.

v. Don’t contact to your children’s school in a frequent manner.

vi. Don’t get much involved in your child’s personal things.

vii. Allow your children to make a fine friend circle and don’t manage their friendship.

viii. Allow your children to take responsibilities.

ix. Let them know what the real world is all about.

x. Let them take their own decision.

xi. Don’t show much sympathy to them.

Lady With Her Little Girl

Final words

Upbringing a child is like shaping a pottery! You can change the pottery shape as per your making style, a child will be like in the future in the way you nourish your child.

And child’s mind is like a sponge — they soak up knowledge as fast as a sponge soaks up water.

So I’m not saying you should not protect them. Protect them, but maintain a proper balance in between your unconditional love and sheer harshness. So that they will be able to cope up with each and every challenges which come in their way of so-called life happily!