6 things we learned by getting rid of our office walls!

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We have finally settled in to the new open plan Catena Media Headquarters in sunny Malta! The big shift didn’t quite go according to plan and we missed our moving deadline by a couple of weeks. This left us “office-less” and the entire company operated remotely for a couple of weeks. However, the awesome team still managed to keep on achieving and still “got shit done”! Would this great attitude and mentality be lost in a noisy open office plan? Would long-term wins greatly exceed the short-sightedness of being fully focused on the task at hand?

As employees of a hyper-growth company, we’ve seen the organisation grow from three to more than 250 employees located in many countries and with offices in 4 locations, in less than 5 years. The challenges we’ve experienced during this time of growth are what we imagine a lot of organisations have also had to face. Some of them…

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