Rebecca Owen


Darkness deviously dominates my vision,

engulfing my fragile form,

It’s torturous coils tighten,

a final warning to conform.

I take deep breaths,

Allowing the darkness to possess me,

It unravels deeper, tainting my blood stream,

Removing my previous identity.

Everything turns blue as I question myself,

A silhouetted figure approaches with an ominous aura,

It’s high pitch voice echoes as it nears,

I focus my attention on it, continuing to the question the phenomena.

“Who are you?” I ask, my voice trembling,

The eerie response I receive was unintelligible.

Suddenly, I lose all control of my body,

I hear a laugh,

A sinister shrill,

“It was inevitable”



Unknown land

The blanket of black,

The starry sky,

The endless void,

Time, passing by-

Take my hand,

And we shall go,

Touch the stars,

Just let me show

How vast the above is,

How you will blind,

Guided by the stars,

Beyond your very mind

A different world,

Tranquil and peace,

Eternal freedom,

Failing to cease

So take my hand,

And you will see,

An ineffable world,

Just you, and me.




Through the darkness, an external source reignited the flame inside of me, it may only be small, yet it was sufficient enough to light my path and see

The countless smaller paths meandering from the one were I was stuck, if one path stops, I can pick another and test my luck.

In the end, paths will always stop and branch into multiple ways, yet the rainbow illuminating the darkness will always shine above and stay.



Burned out ~

Why doesn’t anything ever go my way?

Is it who I am, or what I say?

I try and stay positive, that’s how people view me,

But beneath that fake smile is a sadness clawing to be free.

It seems like my life has changed so much,

Wearily dragging myself to do necessities and such.

A murky cloud, consistently raining seems to have formed above me,

My personality now being defined as the eptomine of negativity.

I’m not the type of person to sit and bawl my eyes crying,

But the person who sits blanking, breaking inside, and stops trying.

The claustrophobic coils of darkness clutch and possess my insides,

The light burning inside of me, keeping the smile on my face, burns out and dies.




I try so hard to try my best,

Yet it seems so minimal compared to the rest.

I put my first foot forward aiming high,

To only fall.

Flailing my arms I try to remain on track,

But my wings start to slack,

I fall

Into the darkness, no path to go,

My heart heavy, yet I try not to show.

The light inside mere.

Echoes of unsuccessful attempts and mockery tear through my skin like spears,

Water cascades down my face, mingling with the wounds, a river of failure and tears.