Skepticism: Seeing past the Mirage.

Our mind limits us to what it knows…. how do we see past it.

Being an engineer, I am naturally analytical and programmed to think with along the underlying basis of the scientific method. You research an hypothesis which then becomes a theory and after vigorous undeniable proofs becomes a law. Naturally engineers take any theory with a grain of salt until tested and proven. Thus, skepticism is often our minds first reaction.

So how does an engineer move past this ingrained system of skepticism, and start walking on the the path of self realization? Honestly, people could speak me until there were blue in the face. I would listen and smile politely. There is always a doubt that exists in the analytical mind.

What made venture past that engineering mind frame? Quite simply, the thirst for answers. When some you love and care about is so passionate and enthusiast about their experience you want to believe in it. You want to feel what they are feeling. So one day, you venture out even with the doubt affixed in your head.

No one can convince you about the Truth about anything. People can share they can inspire you to try to expand beyond your frames. The one clear truth! It really isn’t until you experience it for yourself that you will know it for yourself. Even then you may still have a linger doubt in your mind.

Today, I offer for you to consider taking an initial step and expand your frames. Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is truly extraordinary and her abilities to expand our limited view of the world is beyond words. Are you searching for more? The answers are there for you only for you to experience for yourself. That is the only way you know beyond the shadow of a lingering doubt. When the answers flow from you then you can be assured there is a reality beyond the mirage. The journey begins with the first step!

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