The UnRetirement Movement

How do you envision your retirement? Are you with a group of friends playing bridge in the afternoon under the warm Florida sun? Are you exploring the Italian countryside with your partner now that the children have grown? Or are you enjoying the comfort of your own home, surrounded by friends, neighbors, and loved ones?

The Baby Boomers are the largest generation to enter into retirement to date, making it no surprise that the retirement model is no longer one size fits all. In addition, advancements in technology and medicine have also increased the available residential living options, so you are now able to choose not only where, but how you want to spend this chapter of your life.

When entering this chapter, there are countless factors to consider, such as when, how, and where? For many, remaining in a cherished home in a beloved community is the preference, but this desire to age-in-place may feel out of reach due to financial constraints and concerns from loved ones. At HoneyCo, we coordinate technology and services to make any neighborhood home accessible so that living independently is within reach.

It is our mission to remove the barriers preventing access to your preferred long-term lifestyle. This freedom to choose and determine your future is what we refer to as UnRetirement.

Your residence is only one part of UnRetirement. With the HoneyCo Society, you can discover meaningful connections through volunteer opportunities, continuing education classes, flexible work, and social engagements, so you can spend your days doing what matters most.

Join us as we set out to create a better, more accessible version of retirement for all — UnRetirement.