The BEST way to get over procrastination

  • It’s cheaper
  • It’s more on-brand
  • I can make videos on the fly without a whole lot of planning
  • There is no accountability and it’s all on ME to actually get them done
  • starting your business
  • creating new packages
  • making your website
  • writing your sales page
  • creating new packages
  • emailing potential customers
  • or any other of the thousand things you need to do when you’re starting your business

How to get over it

I am so NOT into productivity hacking and I don’t have any amazing tips for increasing your productivity by X amount or anything like that. I don’t use any pomodoro timers, or make a to-do list at the start of each day. All in all I’d say I’m a pretty unproductive business owner (yep — and my business is still successful. You don’t have to be perfect!).

  • So for example, I put off making my videos for literally WEEKS…. but then once I sat down and wrote an outline, I was able to plan, record, and upload the videos within about an hour.
  • Same goes when I create a new program or course — it feels like a ridiculously big job… but once I sit down and write even just a list of topics I want to cover, it starts to feel WAY more do-able. In fact, it often makes me laugh at how long I put it off.



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Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca Tracey

I help new coaches and solopreneurs learn how to get clients online. Meet your new biz BFF in our free community