Dude, Where’s My Car?

The inspirational tale on how I got my license and my car owner pro/con list.

Gucci Fiat with indentifying weber stripes along the side and rear hatchback

Above: a dream, a desire of a small car that can go from shielding me from the rain to carrying an under-slept très chic darling during an on-call hour. The Gucci Fiat is visually charming and tiny enough to parallel squeeze into most sporadic city street parking (this is important). Two door cars automatically say “no car pooling” or “not a moving van” way I see it less people in the car less damage and food crumbs.

Now, to how I got my license…

Back when I was heavy on Tumblr a friend of mine had led me to interact with this guy that lived in LS that I increasingly grew a crush on. At the time I was a solid 18 yrs old living on the Southside of Chicago. Being located where I was and at a distance from friends and hangouts I knew commuting via CTA couldn’t be my only option. So every weekend my grandma let me take the wheel of her 2000 white Dodge Neon driving 20–30 minutes to her home from mine. As I progressivly blinded myself with the idea of lending time to a guy that lived 14 miles from me I made flashcards and studied for my driving exam. Obviously, determind and lustfully after an older boy I got my license but not the boy.

Shit happens but my license is forever.

Jackie is probably the one that prods me the most about owning a car. And of course there is use for owning one but right now not so much. I live between two train stations and four bus routes that can reach most of the places I need to visit. Monday-Friday I work at a place that is only a 12 minute bike ride. I am also walking distance from friends, mouth watering food and grocery stores. For now my desire for a car is more of a want rather than a need.


Grocery trips

Quick escape

Cruising (w bae)


Money (Car Cost+Maintenance +Insurance)


Car crashes