Resisting Gentrification: The Hood is Not For Sale

Locals create work dedicated to the awareness of gentrification in Pilsen and the cause of many long-term residents unable to afford their stay.

The Lower West Side/The Heart of Chicago/Pilsen.

Grown into a space that has rapidly become unfamilier. Strolling through residential blocks with rows of family homes that have been disrupted in continuance by new construction, townhomes and single family condos. Properties described as “HOT PILSEN PROPERTY” with prices inflating drastically (avg $440,000).

Who are these homes for?

What is concenrning is the rising property tax that is inhibiting residents, generations of people to abandon a precious piece of their lives because it has now become a luxury to live in a neighborhood many call home.

“Your Luxury is our Displacementin an Old English font layered over a photo of a condominium. One of many found within the neighborhood.

Stemming from recent news of plans to convert Casa Aztlan into luxury apartments caused protest in the Pilsen neighborhood. In and around Pilsen signage forthright calling attention to this issue of gentrification.

Slightly below each piece are hashtags: #Barrioresistance and #July29plazatenochitlan as announcement for the Joyful Resistance March happening July 29, 2017 @ 12pm. A gathering to celebrate the existance and culture of the hood.