Is the news making you ill?

Lifestyle decisions are as vital as the nutrition choices you make.

It’s important to acknowledge that negative emotional factors can cause toxicity, inflammation, and illness just as much as eating junk food.

We can’t live in a bubble, and life has to be lived, the good, and the bad. We have to move through it as best we can. So there are choices we can make, and certain things we can do to keep us stronger, hopefully bolstering us through times of unavoidable stress and strife.

Rather like the author of the article linked below, I too made a decision many years ago to limit my exposure to the news. It is beyond rare for me to pick up a newspaper, or watch the news, and I restrict my use of social media. This doesn’t mean that I’m clueless, or ignorant about what’s going on in the world, I merely filter media, and choose to engage with it in a very selective way that suits me.

In this article, Henry Maitland discusses the media machine, and the need to create sensational headlines to sell news. This results in an agenda driven, and manipulated window of information, which thrives on drama, horror, fear, and insecurity.

I often question how much truth the information we are fed is grounded in, and also wonder why I would want to bombard myself with so much stress and depression causing negativity, that I am largely powerless to do anything about.

This does not mean that I am defeatist, fatalist, or do not care. It is a deliberate decision, based on a sense of self-preservation, and a desire not to frame my reality, or my worldview, from such a one dimensional, non-objective viewpoint of the society that we live in.

I also believe, that if you want to create change, it has to start from within. If you feel good, this affects the way you interact with others and creates a more positive environment. The ripple effect of this good feeling and the consequent way in which we reach out to others flows far and wide in ways we cannot possibly comprehend.

It begs the question that if more of us could shape our reality based on a less manufactured, more positive and balanced viewpoint, what kind of environment and society could we be creating? And by subjecting ourselves to all the media machine driven information, what fears and feelings of mistrust and ensuing behaviour patterns are we perpetuating? Not to mention the effect it is having on our health.

So, this is an interesting read. Could it be physically and mentally so much better for you to limit the amount of time spent reading and listening to toxic, negative stories and events churned out in monumental amounts? Most definitely.

Is it time you limited your exposure to the news and social media, to ease your mind, reduce your stress levels, boost your physical health, and help create a more loving, trusting society, who interact more positively with each other? I think so, yes, but that’s just me.

… Surely it has to be better for your molecules.

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