Stop Selling Things To People That Don’t Want Your Shit

I am a newbie to the blogging world, and I hate it already. Just kidding — I love being able to express myself through words and to connect with people that share similar thoughts. However, it really gets on my nerve when I see bloggers always trying to sell their products and services to people. I am mainly speaking about fitness bloggers, and specifically focusing on the Instagram platform of “blogging”.

I have a fitness Instagram account where I post content daily about my health and fitness journey. I created the account last summer, and posted less frequently than I do now until I stopped completely as I entered my second year of college at Syracuse University. It was hard to keep up with schoolwork, social life, family and extracurriculars while trying to maintain a fitness Instagram. I also didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

Recently, as I finished my second year at school, I got back into the swings of things. Except now, with a little more knowledge of social media marketing and branding. I also am currently studying to be a certified personal training under the National Academy of Sports Medicine, so that gave me a boost of confidence to start posting again.

As I gained more knowledge of the fitness and health world, I wanted more than ever to share what I knew with my personal and virtual friends. However, as I started posting more on my fitness account, I started to notice people engaging with me. Except — they didn’t give a shit about my fitness journey, even though they did say so in the beginning of their message to me. All these people wanted to do was suck me into their pyramid scheme, sell me their products and services, and become a brand ambassador of their “unique” apparel company.

I started to become so fed up with all their shit, that I decided to write this blog post — and not on my blog, because I didn’t necessarily want to let down the people that were reaching out to me because I know it is not their intention to harass people all day to get them to buy their shit. Okay, well maybe it is their intention, but it isn’t their INTENTION intention.

I appreciate all the salesmen and business people that are trying to make money off selling products and services through their various fitness accounts and blogs. I completely understand where you are coming from — I am studying Marketing and Management at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, and I am learning all about the business world. However, PERSONALLY SPEAKING, the fitness and health world should be left alone when it comes to this kind of stuff.

I believe so many people are turned off by fitness bloggers because they are always trying to sell you shit. Instead of trying to sell people products and services, why don’t you try to sell them on creating a better and more healthy lifestyle for themselves? And I am not suggesting your work is shady or you are a bad salesman, I am just speaking from personal experience that I want to engage with people that give a shit about me and my well-being, not the money that will end up in other people’s pockets.

I think as fitness bloggers and Instagrammers, we all need to be more aware of who our audience is — and what they want from us when they give us a follow. They want to follow us on our journey, and they want to be inspired by our words and wisdom. They don’t want to buy your shit — well unless, of course, your shit is awesome — then you keep doing you!