You’re focusing your attention on political theatre, which is precisely that — theatre.

I totally hear you, and one reason I am angry is that I am wasting my time in this fashion. BUT. The media should not be this complicit in the political theatre. At least not media purporting to be objective and/or to inform the public. I believe there is real, demonstrable harm being done when Rachel Maddow states her personal feeling as fact when, in fact, she’s completely off base. Or when The Washington Post publishes a Fact Check article utilizing fact/opinion non-logic that a second grader could debunk. I think the media are in the process of dooming themselves through this kind of negligence, and I don’t expect my rants on this to make any kind of difference. But there is truth and there are lies happening here, and I feel compelled to write about it. What would happen if we all called out bullshit when we saw it? Participants in the political theatre might start taking more responsibility. But who knows. In any case — thanks for reading and for your response!