The Benefits of Covering Hog Manure Ponds

Rebecca Davies

Manure ponds, or lagoons, are the most commonly used method for handling hog manure in places that do not experience a lot of freezing temperatures during winter. In the open-air manure ponds, natural bacteria help it to decompose, and the liquid portion that results is sprayed on fields as fertilizer. The lagoons are commonly used in places such as North Carolina, although they have been facing increasing opposition. The opposition is as a result of the odor and flies that affect the neighborhood. People who live near hog farms complain about the smell and flies, and sometimes during hurricanes, the manure ponds overflow. However, the companies in charge have found a way to deal with the problem by covering the ponds with a layer of plastic. Learn the benefits that Smithfield Foods Careers will accrue from this step by reading this article.

The covers will help keep away odor from getting into the neighborhood. The neighbors will not experience the same stench that they have been experiencing when the manure ponds are left open. The flies that also affect the neighbors will also be closed in when the plastic covers are put in place. Therefore, it will be possible to keep a clean and pleasant-smelling environment by putting in place the covers over hog-manure ponds.

The other benefit that will accrue is that of capturing methane. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that arises out of the decomposition of the hog manure. The companies in charge can recover that gas and process it so that it can be a way to generate electricity. Not only will they benefit from having a source of heating and power, but it can also be used commercially. Since there are large hog farms, it is possible to generate a lot of this gas which will contribute significantly to making the environment better. When people can use heating and power from methane gas, there will be a significant reduction in the binding of other fossil fuels. The environment will be better off with a decrease in the burning of fossil fuels. Methane gas has the most significant heat-trapping impact after its release, and when it is used for the production of energy, it can contribute significantly to eliminating greenhouse emissions.

While the project is not put in place yet, it can be expected to provide multiple benefits not only to the people around the hog farms but also to the companies that manage them like Smithfield Farms.

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