Tuesday avoidance

So here we are. Tuesday afternoon and I’ve already made a bad food decision with long lasting effects. I woke up with such good intentions. I said to myself that today, Tuesday, the day after croissant Monday the flaky pastry won’t be making an appearance . So off I trotted to work, I’d be good from now on… a trip to New York is on the horizon, must eat cleaner, must look good on that roof terrace. 10am came and it was coffee time. I aim to wean myself off the double espressos in a week but first let’s start wth pastry avoidance. I don’t want to give my body an unacceptable shock to the system. It is only Tuesday after all.

So off I go to the supermarket, I wander past the deli counter. and the chicken covered in breadcrumbs looks at me. Obviously, I mean in a metaphorical sense, but it asked me to eat it. I was there. I heard it.

I bought a bag of chicken nuggets and I wandered back to work to eat them, without the coffee. That was long gone.

I can’t lie I enjoyed them, accompanied by hot sauce from the fridge they really did make for a mouth burning experience. However, as I write this at 4.22pm my laptop is resting on my swollen belly…. and I haven’t even had any lunch. This equates to bad food decision that has had long lasting effects. I’ve decided to cut out the chicken nuggets, it’s over. I hear you say ‘ but its only been one day, isn’t that a bit extreme? If Im honest the nuggets are an old friend…a bit like the croissant. Good old croissant.I knew I should have picked you.

Nuggets are now added to the list of food that Im not allowed. I’m really trying.I’ll keep that pizza in the freezer tonight….

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