Not A Morning Person? Try This

If the word “morning” sends you into slight depression, this post is for you! Most people claim they’re either an early riser or a night owl. One isn’t better than the other, it’s simply the time you feel the best and most productive! The major difference is that night owls tend to dread mornings so deeply, they often start their days cranky, sluggish and unproductive.

I was neither a morning nor night person. I was a day person who doesn’t quite fancy waking up so early.

If anyone had told me I could be a morning person, I’d say they were absolutely bonkers. I mean, I love sleep — sleep is to me what food is to many, I don’t joke with it.

I don’t take too kindly to anything that tries to conflicts with or interrupt my sleeping pattern. If you want to frustrate me, obstruct or try to prevent me from sleeping.

Not many things irritate me like the sound of my alarm going off in the morning — I dread(ed) it. Until recently, when I committed to doing my devotional and workouts before I start my day.

I wake up 4:30-am for my uninterrupted time with my maker, precede to working out, before beginning the day. The first few days were very tough — it felt like self-inflicted pain for no apparent reason.

Slowly, but surely, I realized that I was the better and more efficient and happier during the day because of it.

Two days ago, I made it through the day with just two hours of sleep without coffee, because I forced my tired self to work-out after just two hours of sleep.

Now I look forward to my mornings and it is has become my favorite time of the day.