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InIn a sea of Slack chatter and overcrowded inboxes, a scheduled face-to-face conversation with a colleague can be a valuable resource — if you actually have things to talk about. Sometimes, though, a one-on-one is more of a waste of time than a productive use of it. Maybe you and…


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IIt’s never been easier to get things done outside the confines of a 9-to-5 workday. Video conferencing, Slack, and a slew of productivity and project-management tools help blur the lines between time in the office and time outside of it.

This ability to work wherever, whenever, has obvious downsides, but…


Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Scripts is a weekly series dedicated to helping you navigate the tough conversations.

IfIf an employee is missing targets, blowing deadlines, or handing in shoddy work, it can be tempting to push off any conversation about it and hope that things get better on their own. But you’re not just…

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The primary purpose of a performance review is exactly what it sounds like: It’s an opportunity for your employer to tell you how you’re doing. But while a quarterly or annual sit-down is certainly a good time to get feedback, you aren’t doing yourself any favors if feedback is all…

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It’s easy to get out of bed and head to the office when you’re excited about your job, but when it feels like a slog, staying motivated is a herculean task. Calling in sick starts to seem more and more appealing. So does whiling away the workday playing solitaire. …

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There’s something uniquely cathartic in complaining to your colleagues about your shared place of work. Unlike your real friends, your work friends understand your specific office grievances, and can commiserate with you about the micromanaging boss’s assistant and/or the broken elevator that always makes you late.

But there’s such a…

Rebecca Fishbein

Rebecca Fishbein is a writer in Brooklyn & the author of GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO PEOPLE YOU HATE, out 10/15. Find her on Twitter at @bfishbfish.

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