Design Document — Design for Tension


Without inciting argument, our group was able to choose a topic for the chat bot fairly easily. We wanted to choose a side that would be fairly easy to defend. So after 1 or 2 fairly weak ideas, we unanimously decided on creating a Pro-Vaccine bot. Most of our idea brainstorming stemmed from a flow centered google doc.

The most structured brainstorm you’ve ever seen!

The structure for this web page stemmed mostly from the creation of separate flows. Each flow contained its own idea and paired questions and interactions. Flows lead to other flows and allowed for a very modular interchangeability.


flowxo provided a very basic chat bot layout. There isn’t very much you could change in terms of visuals. So we decided focusing on conversational design and high usability were most important.

Conversational Design of the bot

We wanted to strike a balance somewhere between a scientist and a friend. A tone that was friendly but also confident and informative.

Testing Phase

Due to the very extensive nature of our script unfortunately we were not able to have the full experience ready for demo day. We went through the google docs script with individuals and were met with good marks for how informational our bot was. Testers enjoyed the fun fact portion of our chat bot. Thankfully, we were able to test flowxo with some other users from our class before our final prototype. They actually enjoyed the bot more as it was no longer just a google docs page!

My group member for the Affectiva project


In retrospect, I wish we had considered the difficulty of implementing the script into flowxo before we had expanded on it so deeply. This caused a huge back up on my partner Sylvia who wasn’t as familiar with flowxo as my group member Sam. But after working through it as a group we were able to find a method of implementation that worked best, even if it meant losing some of the content in the script. I do wish we had realized the difficulty of each part of the project. Flowxo ended up being the most difficult and time consuming part when at first we believed it to be the opposite. Additionally, the limit of only one editor at a time on flowxo, prevented us from effectively sharing the work flow. As for my contribution to the project. Me and Sam worked on researching information and displaying it in a conversational manner.

Our Video: