Thoughts Game 3: USA vs. NGA

We won the group. Great. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. Yes, nothing is given in sports, but had we not won this group, good lord, I don’t even want to imagine.

  1. 1–0 is not good enough.
  2. Woo hoo Abby scored. And if she hadn’t, we would have drawn. But I’m sorry. She cannot go for 90 minutes. Aside from her goal, which was on a set piece, she was NEVER, not once, first to the ball. She was always late, always chasing. And when she was chasing, she was constantly lagging behind. If we want to pound the ball downfield to her, just constantly loft the ball up to her because she’s the tallest, she’s the best header in the world, whatever bullshit we always hear, fine, maybe she is match fit. But that’s not an offensive game plan.
  3. I’m glad to Alex go 65 minutes. We need her. And that was evident today. The field opened up more with her up top.
  4. LOVED seeing Holiday in the #10 role. Her offensive wizardry is getting lost as she’s been stuck defending too much.
  5. Yet again, in JJ we trust! This is JJ’s world and we’re just living in it.
  6. Two missed calls that were significant. JJ’s goal waved off for offsides that wasn’t. And a blatant handball in the box blocking a Pinoe ball that wasn’t seen/called. These refs have been so spotty since the beginning of the tournament. Too many significant, game-changing phantom calls and missed calls that are influencing games too much. I really hope the match/ref commissioners get this locked down as we enter elimination rounds. UEFA plays with a fourth official on the goaline for this very reason. Why that’s not happening at the FIFA WORLD CUP is beyond me. The game deserves the best and should be officiated above reproach.
  7. So great to see Rampone and Boxxy in the match. Both of their stories and longevity with the USWNT are so inspiring. BUT WHAT THE HELL. 2 defensive subs when we’ve got a 1–0 lead and Abby can hardly walk her legs are so fatigued. Meanwhile Holiday is playing on a yellow. I don’t understand Jill’s subbing tactics. Not one bit.
  8. WHEN WILL JILL PUT HAO IN THE GAME? Heath did a fine job in the first 25–30 minutes of the match, but we need more consistent wing play. Give HAO the start and bring Heath in as the second half sub for possession and in-game adjustments.
  9. The commentators. CHRIST. I don’t know how anyone confuses Carli and Ali… perhaps because Ali was rocking the #ponyslay? But last time I checked, Carli plays in the midfield and Kriegs on the outside. Come on. Do better.
  10. Tony DiCicco. Kill me now. I wish I could reach through the screen and strangle him. His “color” commentary is so distracting it makes it so difficult for me to actually pay attention to the game because he’s saying absurd and outlandish things and mansplaining his arrogance. If I had it in me, I’d keep a record of all his ridiculous comments.
  11. Really happy for Australia to be advancing out of the group. I feel sorry for whoever draws Sweden in the next round.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I think of more later. In the meantime, enjoy some pics and comments from Tumblr.

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