Wildlife and Rainforest

Wow. I will never be able to articulate the beauty here in Cairns — it’s ineffable. I am one day into this 22-day adventure and am blown away, by Australia, these experiences, and the fact I am lucky enough that this is a part of my job!

View from my hotel room

We stopped first at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure where we went out in lagoon to spot some crocodiles! Our boat captain lured some crocs with chicken heads. He explained that he uses the chicken heads to help get the crocs some exercise. Generally, a croc only eats about half a chicken a week. During the busy tourist season, the crocs tends to get bored, so toying with them is a good way of getting them exercise. Plus, it’s exciting for us to watch!

Following our croc tour, we were free to explore the wildlife park at Hartley’s, which included petting koalas and wallabies!

We then headed into Daintree Rainforest National Park, where we stopped at Cape Tribulation for lunch.

Next, we ventured into the rainforest and I honestly can’t explain the magnitude of the forest. Pictures will not ever do it justice. And it’s impossible to depict the scope of the canopy in one picture.

And we finished our day with one last overlook of the bay.

The students so far have been wonderful. I have no doubt they’ve gone out drinking the first night, but they did great today, given the long bus ride, sweltering heat, and stifling humidity. Minimal complaining and surprisingly engaged. My greatest concern will be New Years Eve, so tomorrow I hope to chat with them about being smart and making good choices ☺

Ok, it’s been tortuous trying to stay awake writing this. I’m off to bed. Tomorrow, the Great Barrier Reef!

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