3 Things to Consider before Hiring a Content Writer

Your content matters. It matters to your current clients who rely on relevant and timely topics. It matters to your potential customers who are seeking explanation and information, and it matters to you for generating revenue on a consistent basis.

Then Why Are You Outsourcing Your Content for the Lowest Bid?

Remember what grandpa always said, “You get what you pay for.” And cheap content ain’t pretty. Well maybe grandpa didn’t say that about content, but I’m pretty sure he was always using ain’t in his sentences.

Once you have decided to take your content seriously, it’s time to stop looking at the content mills to provide you quality content and start thinking about having a writer either on staff or as a consultant.

Are you willing to pay for well-crafted content?

In fact, Julie Fleischer Kraft’s director of data, content and media believes one reason for Kraft’s success is thinking of content the same as paid advertising -Adage.

Here are three things you should consider when hiring a writer.

  1. Does the writer specialize in your field?

If you’re in need for a medical writer, then hiring a writer with a medical writing skill set is imperative, especially if the writer needs to speak with doctors or other medical technicians. It would be important for your writer to not only understand medical terminology but be able to write the topic for an average reader to understand.

However, if your content is more general in nature, then having a writer with a broad background would benefit you more.

2. Can the writer pass the ‘there, their and they’re” test?

You don’t have time to edit the content, but your brand could take a hit if your writer uses poor grammar or the content is laden with errors. Most writers utilize an editing program such as Grammarly, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at their website or browse through their social media posts.

Once you get a feel for their writing, you’ll be able to determine if the writer is a good fit for your organization.

3. Do you have a content strategy?

How frequently are planning on posting? Do you have topics ready to go or will you need to brainstorm with the writer? Understanding the content frequency and where your posts will show enables the writer to manage his or her time.

You should also be aware that a Facebook post will be nothing like the content on your web and is, in fact, two separate content needs. If you’re unsure what the difference is, then having a conversation with the writer will help gauge the strategy for your messages.

And if you’re expecting your writer to do more than just write and need the content posted to various platforms as well, more time per piece should be allocated because it takes more than just cutting and pasting words into a post for your content to look professional — other elements like pictures or links may be required.

I’m a storyteller. I love to tell stories about brands. I love to tell stories, period. I like painting pictures through the words, and that’s what I do.
-Gary Vaynerchuk

Advertising your product or service is important and hiring an excellent writer who can tell your story will matter to your customers and to your bottom line. Happy storytelling.

Rebecca Asher is a Freelance Writer and Communications Specialist based in San Antonio, Texas. Rebecca has a particular interest in writing lifestyle pieces that provide helpful insights on life’s little obstacles. Rebecca enjoys spending time with family and friends, a good glass of wine and learning to juggle the unexpected with two toddlers. You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @rebeccagal

If you need help in crafting your content, visit www.ashercommunications.com for more information.

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