Andela Bootcamp Day 2 : Jack

Today has been my best day so far! I know it’s just the second day but I beat sleep at its own game! I did not struggle to wake up. Hurray!!!

Our tutors are always saying how candid and loud Andela fellows are. Trust me, they are! Individually or as a team. I always look forward to the morning stretches. This is where the craziness, loud laughter and peculiar glances are magnified. I especially enjoy when the Fellows and the aspiring mingle: you cannot tell the difference. Someone commented about my shoes. He said that they were neither boots nor shooters. He said they looked weird! Don’t I just love this crowd?

Today, we learnt more about Github. Honestly, I had interacted minimally with this system before. I did not know it would come to bite me in the future, otherwise I would have burnt midnight candles. The tutors were really patient with us on this and for that am personally grateful.

During lunch hour, I met a guy whose name i do not know. Do not judge me yet, we just started a conversation before getting to know each other. It was that real! I will call him Jack for now. Jack is full of life! Jack is very interesting and very candid. Jack says it as is. Jack would not trade Andela for anything (apart from a higher salary , no pun intended). If Jack is a reflection of Andela, I am wearing a second layer of my fighting gear and I am going to fight for Andela ten times harder! More than ever, I want to be an Andela fellow because Jack proved me right!

After a long sunny day, the rain decided to pour just as we were about to leave. See why this has been the best day? Anyway, let me go start my night life, doing my homework and reading python, before I sleep at exactly 1pm. Yes, since I started the bootcamp, I sleep for not more than 4 hours and am learning to appreciate hard work and sacrifice. I promise to look for Jack tomorrow so that I can get his real name.

�0 �~’�Y

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