I have to wonder if you start to foam at the mouth when you start on your stream of consciousness…
Jack Albrecht

Most of you have been non-voters before. There are as many people out there who didn’t vote as there are that did. It is you that doesn’t get math. Non-voters are more fertile territory than left wing tea partiers who want to take the party hostage.

BTW, I never write stream of consciousness. I am obsessive to a fault about facts. That poll to which you all cling was never intended to measure attitudes withingthe Dem Party. A fairly random list of names was read and people were asked if they approved or disapproved. It part of a much arger poll about political attitudes and respondents self identified as to political party.

Bernie Sanders approval rate in VT, while still high, has gone from 89% right after the election, to 75% in the most recent morning consult poll of each Senator by state. It’s still the highest in the Senate, but the decline is probably due to the FBI investigation of Jane’s fraudulent hijinks, and if she’s indicted, if he has any decency, he won’t run for re-election.

You are starting to sound more and more bitter and butt hurt. Why don’t you start a go fund me for Jane’s legal defense fund so they don’t have to sell the lake house? Maybe throw out a few death threats while you’re at it.

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