I have no fear of being bullied by Sanders supporters on my FB page…I’ve unfriended them all.
Rebecca Gavin

Oh my gods, the ignorant have chased me down here as well.

  1. Do I actually support Hillary Clinton? Yes I do. Not only do i support her, i believe in her. She is brilliant, compassionate, and she knows how to build coalitions and consensus. The idea that she is a war monger, or loves war, or whatever else bullshitty way one might want to put it, is not supported by fact or reality. “Recklessly pro-war” is a ridiculous statement. Do you think we need a new party? If you do, feel free to start one. I haven’t seen a 3rd Party ranter yet who actually does jack in between elections to build one. If you were to actually work your heart out for 3 years, gather some support, run some local/state candidates and win, my hat would be off to you. You would have my respect, if not my support. But I haven’t ever seen that happen so far, so I ain’t holding my breath.
  2. There are no Trump supporters on my page either. But my page is plenty lively with 2, 500 intelligent, educated friends from around the world. The reason it isn’t an echo chamber is because one trait my friends all share is that they fact check everything before posting, so I and my other friends are not plagued with misinformation and demagoguery. If there is disagreement, both parties come armed with citations and evidence, and if someone’s point is disproved, they admit it like grown ups.
  3. Copper Stewart, so now you page is full of people who don’t understand politics and were absolutely wrong about the outcome of the primary. Your holy grail candidate lost, and is no supporting the person you banned all positive mention of on your page. Bully for you. They are probably trading conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen and links from US Uncut about frivolous lawsuit that will be dismissed . If that’s your idea of fun, and edification, have at it.
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