The lawsuit is from attorneys Jared and Elizabeth Lee Beck who are doing this for free.
Rolf Friis

The Democratic Party has gained members since the election. The GOP has lost them. If there has been a Demexit, there is no evidence of it, unless you have some to share. I have been searching and asking for it for months to no avail. What I do see are endless threats from Berners along with demands that the entire party capitulates to their ignorance, or else.

The Becks did not file the lawsuit for free. It’s call a contingency basis. If, a big if, they win, they will stand to make millions. It’s the same basis all class action attorneys take cases. It is similar to the Becks’ lawsuit against Coors whose plaintiffs claim they were misled into thinking the beer was all brewed in the Rocky Mountains.

You “covering” something is meaningless, since you are obviously not a trained and/or legitimate journalist. Jared Beck is a nasty, vile, conspiracy theorist who spends more time than he could possibly have available, if he had clients, engaging in bizarre Twitter brawls. The idea of either one of the Beck being in some kind of danger because of that suit is laughable.

From what I understand, most legal experts expect the case to be dismissed. But we shall see, won’t we?