When Gamergate became BernieGate…

The quality of the Bernerverse responses to this says more than enough to confirm that this is true. I know it’s true, I’ve been observing it for at least a year. I’ve seen it day after day.

Notice that the Berners don’t even bother to say #NotAllBerners anymore. They don’t pretend to be shocked and saddened by the behavior of their cohorts. It’s almost as though Berner attacks, and doxxing, of people of color weren’t credibly documented throughout the 2016 campaign cycle — such as rape threats to WaPo reporter Janell Ross, or racist emails sent to black, female Superdelegates in Indiana, etc. Or John Lewis’ FB wasn’t deluged by Berners calling him a “sell out”. It’s almost as though Bernie himself (though almost inaudibly) didn’t acknowledge their misogynist behavior. It’s almost as if the doxxing and subsequent harassment of every single superdelegate wasn’t admitted to by the person who did it.

Berners have gone after Joy Reid, and Neera Tanden with vicious delight at least weekly throughout 2017.

There is no visible reason to believe these so-called progressives actually do anything beside comb through old Tweets by their designated enemies (anyone who questions Bernie’s political history, for example) and spew vitriol at “neoliberals”. There is no reason to think they are the ones calling their Congressional Reps and Senators, or writing letters, or visiting offices and protesting the attempts to repeal the ACA, for example. From all appearances, all they do is tweet about how superior their politics are even though, when pressed, most of them don’t seem to have any idea how the government works since many of them have told me that Bernie would make single payer into law through executive order, or by using the “bully pulpit.”

Their dismissive attitude in the comments here shows how commonplace disrespect, group think and cyberbullying has become among them. and, apparently, how little else they have to do. Of course they are targeting the people mentioned here, and mass reporting them to Twitter. I have seen the red rose and corn cob crowd all over the comments of Clinton supporters Tweets on a regular basis.

And by the way, can we talk about the credulity of Berners and what it takes for them to believe that something is a settled issue? Just because the Bernerverse has decided that the person who hung those despicable fliers on the campus of Temple University is a neo-nazi who is suspected of doing something similar on another campus does not mean that it has been proven. “They” haven’t found out who did it, it’s a Twitter rumor. So please do not embarrass yourselves by serially insisting that case has been solved. It may very well have been a neo-Nazi but that is by no means certain, and if there wasn’t known tension between Berners and people of color, then there wouldn’t have been an issue for a neo-Nazi to exploit, now would there?

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