You twist my words. What a surprise (not). I said “sometimes.”
Jack Albrecht

Whatever. You were duped by a narcissist who has been in Congress 26 years and accomplished very, very, little of substance and who promised things he could not have possibly gotten through Congress, the same way he has never been able to get nearly all of the legislation he has introduced even through committee. You became starry eyed because you don’t have much of a grasp of how the government actually works, and you haven’t been paying attention long enough to see why an incremental approach has been taken, and how well it was working before your impatience to get the whole cake helped throw the election to a crazy despot.

Not only is Bernie an obvious narcissist, to anyone who is familiar with personality disorders, he is married to another narcissist. They both have grandiose plans, that they utterly lack the ability to implement, yet manage to convince people to back. When given the opportunity (such as Bernie being in Congress 26 years) they cannot do what have promised, and other people pay the price. In Bernie’s case, the poor and vulnerable in this country are paying the price for his hubris, and his bitter, vindictive attacks on Hillary Clinton and his complacency about the horrific behavior of a certain percentage of his fevered cult.

Spare me the whining about twisting your words. You used a debunked article, outlining a debunked claim and instead of withdrawing it and offering something else in its place you have argued and argued and argued that it isn’t debunked even though every fact checker of record has said it is not true and the source of the info published by the NYT is questionable. That is exactly what Trumpers I have had “discussions” with have done.

Now you are trying to say that fact checkers are fallible and you don’t mean all fact checkers, blah blah blah. At least 5 different fact checkers have all rated this claim the same way. If you had something else to argue you would have done so, but instead all I see is foot stamping and hyperbole. Fuck off man bun Ken.

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