You were on the committee that wrote ACA?
Rick Fischer

When you’re wrong, Rick, you’re wrong.

“You and your fellow Democrats wrote a bill entirely out of Far Left ideas and used every gimmick to get it passed with zero Republican ideas allowed.”

The basis for the ACA originally came from the Heritage Foundation and was the foundation for the GOP alternative to the Clinton bill in 1993.

Republicans were given every chance to work on the bill. Grassley was on the committee initially, but what forced by leadership to drop out. As has been thoroughly documented, Mitch McConnell declared total opposition to everything Barack Obama proposed the night after he was elected.

Nonetheless, Republicans managed to add 106 amendments to the ACA.

Did you watch the televised meeting in which House and Senate GOP leadership sat around a table with Obama, Biden, and Dem leadership and they were asked for their ideas? I did. They had every opportunity.

You don’t know what you are talking about and your comment made that clear.

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