Punk perfection: meet Rotterdam’s Moira Ramone

Today I got tattooed by the brilliant Moira Ramone as part of my trip to Rotterdam this week.

Moira Ramone outside tattoo shop 25 To Life. Photo: Rebecca Rimmer.

Yesterday I got to know tattooist and craftsman Spaceman and today have had the pleasure of interviewing the fantastic Moira Ramone and tattoo master and studio owner Nico Mensinga.

Moira has been tattooing for two and a half years, and moved to Rotterdam especially to work for Nico at 25 To Life Tattoos.

My new anchor tattoo by Moira Ramone.

When I first decided to come over to Rotterdam and shared this information with other tattoo fans Moira’s name just kept cropping up: “you just must check out her work” I heard time and time again.

One glance at her portfolio and it was evident why. I needn’t describe the perfection in her tattoos, I’ll let the photos on this page do the talking for me.

Perfect tattoos by Moira Ramone.

Moira is known for — not just her clean and crisp traditional style — but also her striking punk rock lady tattoos. If you’re after a punk-themed piece — this is the girl to do it.

She regularly travels aborad to punk festivals, co-incidentally three times to my home town of Blackpool for the annual Rebellions Festival. “What a small world,” we agreed.

She’s followed her passion around the globe and ended up in my stomping ground… I guess I’ve done the same and found myself in hers.

I definitely wanted a nautical tattoo from Moira and she designed a cute anchor that is now nestled on my lower leg. I’ve been exploring Rotterdam’s shipping history as part of my visit today and will be blogging about that more in due course.

She was a lovely person to get tattooed by — careful, considerate, thoughtful, patient, and through all of that, creates a final piece that is absolutely flawless. My time with her was a real representation of that tattoo artist ‘juggling act’. Focusing on her art, whilst making me feel comfortable in a new place, whilst also designing a piece to compliment my surrounding tattoos, and in the end… nailing it. Virtually painlessly, I must add.

I think that’s enough of an introduction. All aboard (sorry but get used to the nautical puns), let’s meet Moira in this quick Q&A.

See more of Moira’s work on her Instagram @Moira.Ramone.

You have such a beautiful, bold, traditional style. Is this how you’d describe your work?

Thank you! I’d describe my style as using the fundamentals from American Traditional, but using my own modern subjects — like punk rock and spooky stuff.

Getting tattooed by Moira Ramone.

What’s it like working at 25 To Life?

It’s a very calm and easy atmosphere, one that’s good for getting down to serious work. We don’t fuck around.

I promise, we are friendly though!

Any tips for the last 24 hours of my visit here?

My favourite spot is the area around Hotel New York. There is a great restaurant on the water, the bridge is beautiful to walk over and leads you to an old, little area of Rotterdam. The old harbour area is great too!

Besides Hotel New York, my favourite bar in Rotterdam would be Tiki Bar. They do some good burgers!

Are you from Rotterdam?

I was born and raised in The Hague and still live there. I like Rotterdam and came here mainly because I wanted to work at 25 To Life.

Rotterdam is a cool place. There are a lot of people getting tattooed here, but I think thats pretty much the case everywhere!

One of Moira’s favourite restaurants is at the Hotel New York, the old Holland Amerika Line building.

Words: Rebecca Rimmer.
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The above article was written and first published in August 2017.