How to Make Your Instagram Foodie Post Stand Out Among the Rest

Food blogging has become a sign of our times. It is a single hobby that is made up of a variety of talents put into action. The true blog masters reach thousands of followers and ultimately can make a profit off if it. More and more people are now aware of this market and are wanting in. All across social media, unique bloggers are involved in sharing recipes, diets, and even just unique food posts through social media and internet platforms. We are all surrounded by it. Some of us are the followers, some of us are the bloggers and others of us are simply aspiring bloggers. But the biggest food blog questions still lie untouched. Why are some bloggers more successful than others? How can you make your blog stand out among the rest? What makes a post catch someone’s eye? I would argue that there are several answers to these questions and not one of them is completely right or wrong. However, I believe there are ways to narrow it down. Let’s look at a successful example to see if we can pull out the main parts that create an effective food blog post.

Something interesting happens when an individual reads the words, “toasted coconut caramel browned butter Rice Krispy treats.” Call it, if you will, salivation, loss of focus, hunger pangs or a number of other thoughts or feelings. Mel, a successful food blogger from @melskitchencafe, intentionally uses these natural reactions to her advantage in order to reel in more of her thousands of followers. Mel has an impressive social presence and is especially popular on Instagram with a grand total of 50.3K followers. She is also found on other social media platforms as well. On September 10, 2018, she posted two mouth-watering pictures coupled on Instagram with a persuasive caption for her toasted coconut caramel browned butter Rice Krispy treats. Through connecting with her audience, diction, and photography, Mel made it so her followers couldn’t scroll past without stopping to drool over this decadent dessert.

Because @melskitchencafe’s greatest viewership is Latter-day Saints, she purposely alludes towards this culture in order to be relatable. All bloggers have a difference focus group, or in other words, audience. As Mel understands, it is extremely important to identify your audience in order to speak to what touches them. For example, in her post about the toasted coconut caramel browned butter Rice Krispy treats, @melskitchencafe improves her credibility with her audience as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She writes, “Behold, toasted coconut caramel (browned butter) Rice Krispy treats. Or in other words, be still my heart.” The word “behold” is utilized as an indirect reference to the scriptures, which Latter-day Saints are very familiar with. Likewise, the phrase “be still my heart” as a subtle allusion to the popular Latter-day Saint hymn “Be Still My Soul” which is also a very well-known hymn among the Latter-day Saint culture. The trick behind these is that they are not so obvious that it is all the reader notices, however, it is just enough to where it makes the reader feel right at home. Reading words that seem to be part of their unique jargon helps them to feel that they “get it”. Everyone likes to be surrounded by people who have the same vocabulary and cultural references. These particular references to Latter-day Saint culture strengthen Mel’s ethos as she more fully relates with and converts her predominantly Latter-day Saint followers to her blog.

@melskitchencafe uses engaging language to grab her followers’ attention. She said, “This may look like a jumbled messy mess, but I can guarantee it’s a jumbled messy mess of epically delicious proportions.” What entertaining phraseology! By incorporating playful diction within her post, @melskitchencafe engages her followers in a way that allows their imaginations to fancy what these treats must taste like. Word choice is key in keeping your followers following. Illustrative words help readers imagine what the food must be like. In a way, it takes them on a little imaginary experience. When done right, this image in their head will stick with them and make them want to come back for more.

To accompany this descriptive word choice, Mel utilizes the repetition of “jumbled messy mess” to provide a sing-song and informal tone that makes the reader feel like Mel is actually speaking to them. In this way, Mel portrays that she is a real, relatable person. She shows that she isn’t trying to come off as a perfect or professional chef, but rather a blogger that can be seen more as a family friend. Mel’s use of exciting word choice and relaxed tone is especially effective because it accurately describes the pictures that are posted above.

Mel’s abstract photography for this post sparks the viewer’s curiosity. She has a gift for photography and it all on her own. The two photos are not only extremely visually appealing, but she intentionally zooms in extra close on the first photo. This photo accentuates the crisscross of the glistening caramel and chocolate ribbons splattered on top of the Rice Krispie treats, but the viewer still can’t identify what the picture is. If @melskitchencafe would have chosen to simply post a full view of an aesthetically pleasing picture, it would have been easier for followers to scroll right past it because that is what every food blogger posts. However, when a follower sees a mysterious zoomed in picture, it gives them a reason to stop and investigate further. Genius! As a blogger, it is easy to fall into the trap of just posting perfectly artsy pictures for every single post. As Mel showed, switching it up and being unique can make all the difference.

Food blogging is the new and modern rage in the social media world. Blogging truly is a skill and a successful blog post doesn’t just come from nothing. One of the many reasons @melskitchencafe is a successful food blogger is because she is able to catch the reader’s attention and then make them feel right at home. Through her subtle Latter-day Saint allusions, vibrant diction, and strategic photography, her post about toasted coconut caramel browned butter Rice Krispy treats was a winner. When these elements are put together, her 50K followers keep checking back to see what scrumptious recipe she will post next. Applying these simple tactics to your blog just may bring the followers flowing it.

Mel (@melskitchencafe). 2018. “This may look like a jumbled messy mess, but I can guarantee it’s a jumbled messey mess of epically delicious proportions. Behold, toasted coconut caramel (browned butter) Rise Krispie treats. Or in other words, be still my heart. Recipe link in profile #melskitchencafe #ricekrispietreats #coconut #caramel #easydesserts.” Instagram photo, September 10, 2018.