Embrace a personality-driven profile with these seven sweeties.

For people learning to fall in love with LinkedIn, embrace personality-driven content and capture first-glance sales opportunities, because LinkedIn loves to do the selling for you….if you let it.

You’re living that LinkedIn life lately. Sweet.

Despite its bad rap for being a bit <dry cough> dull, there’s a lot to love about LinkedIn. And while I never find myself bingeing on my LinkedIn feed, I do see a vast opportunity to infuse this platform (who is clearly here to stay) with some personality.

Boring content doesn’t have to be the way…

There once was a family that weaved its way in and out of my life half again as long as I am old. Me + the baby of the family are thick as thieves when fortune favors our calendars. And, as sisters do, I am sisters with her sister and gotta special kinda bond with the brother. Over time, we have come to play support roles in many memories.

I learned a lot about what it means to represent for your family from this special 2-parent / 4-kid / 6-grandkid nuclear unit. …

The Death Diaries Podcast has all of the feels. This one of a kind audio project features the stories for real people who need real stories about how to cope with death and its many complexities. An exploration of life’s inevitable exit strategy, because deeper meaning and coping skills make it a lot less scary.

I recently joined my main man Paul King to talk about my dad, currently living with dementia, and the phenomenon of mourning someone who is still alive. I was asked to write a diary entry for my episode. These are those.

Tom Layton and Lucinda Tay.

Dear Diary,

Forgive me…

Dead Weight puts it all out there, one installment at a time. Personal essays on one woman’s emotional baggage and how it impacts just about everything.

We’re talking dead weight and how to “deal” when there’s just TOO MUCH. In “Too Many Motherless Sons,” we play a siren song to the weary wanderer. This installment looks for grace between rocks and hard places.

I am a collector of broken boys.

A lighthouse to the downhearted. A port in the storm for those raging against the proverbial machine.

These are my people.

I bask in the glow of the genuine love…

In the fall of 1969, a boy was born near Boston. Raised whole-lotta by sisters, Scott Fournier was the kind of person you just couldn’t get enough of.

He built you up and kept you humble in equal measure.

His death has made a seismic dent in the freaking universe. There is a palatable void where a cocktail of charismatic, passionate, and pessimistic should be.

Hearts near and far are smashed to bits.

If you’re reading this, I offer you this filament of a silver lining.

We can — and we must — simply adopt each other.

Before you even say it, I know that no thing in the universe can reverse the…

Not Enough pays homage to life’s rarest treasures, one eulogy at a time.

That’s so Cakelady.

My husband is always blowing smoke up my skirt about being Cakelady.

His words of affirmation are plentiful and sincere. It’s one of the nicest things about being married to him.

“So you’re doing your Cakelady thing,” he muses, showing genuine appreciation for the way I maneuver social situations.

Cakelady. My personal brand, the way I navigate the world, what I’m bringing to the table.

Generous beyond measure and lousy with unconditional love. I know what you need before you do. Thirsty? …

Personal Brand: How To Show Up at Work Like You Give a Shit

Overheard at Sisarina, “Griffin, your personal brand is bringing me down, dude.”

Do you have a job? Do you go to it? How are you showing up there?

Recently Melanie Spring told us all about “What’s Brand Got to Do With It,” and we listened. It’s every interaction, every touch point, every feeling that people get when they interact with your company.

What’s a Personal Brand?

If you have a business — or work for one — you may not be thinking about your personal brand. Or…

It’s Your Job to Hire (and Hire Boldly!)

The US Dept of Commerce recently revealed some startling statistics in their report Women Owned Businesses in the 21st Century. They are not telling us anything we don’t already know:

  • Women-owned businesses are typically smaller than men-owned businesses.
  • Although women own 30% of privately held businesses, these businesses account for only 11% of sales and 13% of employment among privately-held companies.
  • Average sales/receipts for women-owned businesses are only 25% of the national sales/receipts for men-owned businesses.
  • Women-businesses are concentrated in sectors where firms are typically smaller.

Last week, Melanie Spring tweeted this…

Core Value, a Sisarina™ Brand Primer

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.” Elvis Presley

What is Value?

From the very first time I first dipped my toe in the business arena, people were always schooling me: “first and foremost, bring value to the table.” It is what we mean when we talk about the rubber hitting the road, the shit hitting the fan, and boots hitting the ground (whilst running.)

👊 Your value proposition (VP) — that thing that makes you, your product, or your company attractive to customers — is what…

Meaningful Endurance and the Battle of Attrition

This is my year of getting my act together. I can feel it. After five years of hustling my own project, I have a big pile of unfettered messes that have their marching orders.

Coupled with the day-to-day maintenance of life, I’ve got a pretty full plate. I’m writing to-do lists for All-The-Things and crushing it.

  1. Work: blog posts check, branding guide check, marketing plan check
  2. Home: hire a handyman to fix the dishwasher check, clean out the garage check
  3. The kid: Summer camp check, dentist appointment: check, read Harry Potter at bedtime…

Rebecca Layton Gunter

A port in the storm for high-achievement grown-ups juggling complicated lives. Connecting us in storytelling and survival strategies. www.rebeccagunter.com

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