Surfing: A Metaphor for Living Well

When I was twenty, I lived at the beach for a summer and learned how to surf. It was one of the most affirming and freeing experiences of my life. By no means was it easy, but it opened me to a part of myself that is deeply attuned to the rhythms of the world and leads by feel.

Since those early experiences of surfing, I have realized that many lessons from it apply well to life in general. Surfing is, in fact, an art and not a science. So is living. Over the next few months as I begin my authentic leadership coaching training, I’m going to run a series of posts, with learnings from my surfing days that are ripe with applications for navigating work, relationships, and everyday decisions.

Here’s a Snapshot of the Series:

-Mastery and Navigating the Ocean

-Fitness vs. Skill

-Falling Gracefully

-Letting Go

-Calm After the Storm

The first post will go live later this week, and then i’ll continue throughout the rest of August. As I post, i’ll begin hyperlinking here, so feel free to use this post as your master “table of contents.” Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more content!