What would it take for you to believe in yourself?

A popular quote by Robert H. Schuller ‘what would you do if you knew you could not fail’ is shared as a way to encourage people to take risks, to try harder, to aspire towards their ultimate dreams. Sounds good, but you know it’s not that easy. I think it goes so far beyond our natural tendency to dream, but keep it realistic, keep it reined it, keep it (somewhat easily) achievable.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail… maybe what would it take for you to know you could not fail. What would make you believe in yourself.

Throughout my university studies so far, it’s really been revealed to me how many factors influence our lives, and how diverse those influences are. The things that tangibly affect what we can do and what we think, but also the overarching structure of society that dictates to us what is expected from us, given who we are and what we look like. And this takes away some of the self blame people may feel for where they are at in life at this moment. For awhile I struggled to accept that anything else could be a cause for someone’s situation in life other than their own thoughts and behaviour. I’ve always been taught to take responsibility for my actions, and more importantly, I have always found a deep satisfaction in achieving things with my own ability and hard work — academically, physically, socially.

So looking at it that way, it becomes a bit complicated when you consider the vast array of things that play a role in how successful and productive a person can be, especially when our own mindsets can be quite different to the reality for others. How can we overcome the ideas that society likes to dictate to us about what we can do? It is a little overwhelming when you start to think about how to break down the social stereotypes that have real consequences in people’s everyday life.

To simplify, what would it take for you to believe in yourself that you are amazing? That you have ability and potential? That you have a real worth that people do see? That you’re not xyz just because one or two people say so? That you can achieve so much purely because you want to?

I’m a huge believer in self drive and doing things for yourself, because it’s what is right for you and what your beliefs are. I so strongly believe that the most satisfaction comes from putting work in towards your own goals. I know that you feel good about yourself when you do things you enjoy and feel you accomplished them.

I know I can’t change every stereotype that damages the way someone can live their life, but I think that we can change a little bit for each other. As much as I do advocate for self drive, I know as a human being (who is also an extrovert) that a little bit of encouragement and empathy from the people around me that I love goes a long way to knowing I can achieve something and that I am valued.