Storytelling watercolor painting from a user experience designer

Women are born as summer flowers. When they become mothers, they need to keep balance between different roles. To convey this message, I paint a watercolor piece and name it “Mother” for my mother and all the mothers.


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Additional thinking

As a user experience designer, being empathy and grateful really help me do a better job. When being user advocate, I can feel their pain points and therefore tell their stories. I feel confident to convince stakeholders using engaging user stories. My job is kind of an art. We fight, we debate, we design, we critique and we see we will end up with more powerful products.

I guess that mindset also affects my daily life. Like Mothers Day, I relate to mothers roles, concerns about their pain point and truly advocate for them. The differences are I do watercolor painting, not user stories, wireframes and whiteboard or personas.

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