How to paint complex portrait painting in oil

Recently I studied oil portrait class at School of Visual Art. Never working on oil painting before, I developed strong passion in understanding the beauty of oil painting: You can play with color anyway you want. In water-color painting, you play with water and let the water control the pigment. In oil painting, you can mix and repaint color to form 3D format. It gives me a chance to sharp my eyes to recognizing all those beautiful subtle colors. Capturing these life colors is so much fun!

I started portrait painting with life models. Look carefully for the colors on life models, you will be amazed by how many color you get to use with oil paintings and how many color on the models you never recognized before.

The problem-solving skills apply really well to the portrait painting process. First, breakdown the complex 3D format into fundamental shapes, and add secondary variables, and keep iterate the drawing to form a 3D shape.

Here is one of my piece. I tracked the painting process.

Drawing process
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