Co-authors: Frances DiMare Dailey, Rebecca Knowe

The topic of how to design ethically for AI is exciting and popular right now. The zeitgeist deserves the hype since we, as designers, have the responsibility to consider our impact on the world in every regard. While most of the conversations today are theoretical, this article provides a framework for how to approach ethical design through hands-on design research activities.

Illustration credit: Frances DiMare Dailey

Why focus on Secondary Users as part of AI Ethics?

Many times, designers are making experiences that users can end up controlling and creating- sometimes in unexpected ways that interact with a wider cast of characters. As design researchers at IBM, we find…

Note: This was originally published as an IBM internal blog post. Sharing it now for the rest of the world.

Phil Gilbert once headed up a “design campfire” in the Austin studio and said words that were music to my ears: “We have got to start embracing complexity.” He was talking about knowing and understanding our users better (which took the meeting even more into symphony orchestra territory for me).

To tell you the truth, the emphasis on making products “simpler” sometimes gets on my nerves. That may sound counterintuitive to everything we stand for as designers, but I’ll tell…

Rebecca Knowe

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